Mouth to mouth or forum to forum


Never before consumers have had access to so many tools to exert our right to choose as at this very moment.  Nowadays we possess ways to learn things that up to a generation ago would have been unthinkable.  What was once called “the information highway” has become both a super route with uncountable lanes where we can find more information than we are capable of processing and a tool which allows us to be aware of everything that happens in our world.  One of the sectors benefitted from internet’s unsurmountable capacity to keep us informed is the is the consumer sector.

Even if we don’t realize, everybody is consuming something at all times, and possess information about it is of capital importance not only in the quantity, but in the quality of what we know.  But how can we be sure of the reliability of what we know about what we want to purchase? 

As with the majority of situations, our most trusted source is pour first circle of family and friends, who usually have preferences very like ours; listening to mouth to mouth recommendations is still the most trusted source of information.  If people we know has good thing to say about a product, we will acquire it more confidently.

Out of this first circle of information, we find ourselves in more recently charted territory.  The “mouth to mouth” becomes the “forum to forum” or, even more recently, the “wall to wall”.  Knowing our cousin’s opinion about a restaurant I would like to visit might not be enough anymore; now we can know my cousin’s cousin opinion, or his girlfriend’s, his buddies’ and, now that we are on it, the opinion of all the people who has visited this now famous (for being good or bad, expensive or reasonable, clean or mmm…) restaurant.

Thus, internet has become our second but most ample source of information about what and what not to buy.  That’s why it has become so important for us to learn to know web sites as we have learned to know people in order to make deals with them: we know which one is trustworthy, which one has more “credibility capital”, which one we’d better stay clear from and with which one we can work with the lesser risk.  As happens with people, sites that have made an effort for being reliable to us gain and keep our confidence.

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Summer activities in Puerto Vallarta

Summer vacations are on full swing and our city is now welcoming the wave of Mexican tourists who make Vallarta their yearly family vacation destination.  Summer warmth is high and up, getting us to look for different ways to refresh ourselves and to spend times of leisure and fun among the ample menu of activities a beach resort has to offer both its visitors and residents.

Being a top-notch touristic destination, Puerto Vallarta has an offer of activities in the same level.  From bird watching to bungee jumping, going through all levels of adrenaline, you will surely find something you like to spend a couple of hours or an entire day full of fun.

This is but a short list of things to do if you are in Vallarta during summer:

Surfing: Banderas Bay features several spots with important surfing activity, with waves ideal for every level, from beginners to experts.

Zip lines: canopy lines are a great option for those who enjoy thrill in the middle of nature.  Ost of adventure parks are safety-certified.

Golf: we have some of the most beautiful courses of Mexico in this area, designed by the most famous architects in the world.

Fishing: casual or sports, professional or amateur, from a pier or deep in the sea, fishing is almost a must with all the chances to practice it in Vallarta.

Paddle surfing: a newer variety of surf, stand up paddle has flourished in the area; you can now practice it at most of the beaches.

Snorkeling and diving: just like with fishing, you can practice snorkeling and diving almost in any point of the bay.  Experts have their favorite spots, though.

Horseback riding: Either along the beach or high on the mountains surrounding the city, horseback riding tours are an environment-friendly and fun way to know the beauties of the port.

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Mamas in PV do it again!

Encouraged by the great success of the reunion to celebrate Children's Day, Mamas in PV decided to repeat it and gather again, this time on the beach of Sí Señor Restaurant, who played excellent hosts to get the over 100 moms and their little ones to spend a morning for the ages.

The idea of Mamas in PV came from a group of friends who used to meet every week to share their experiences of being mothers in a place like Puerto Vallarta.  From the mere social occasion they have moved to heading community-oriented projects with the family in mind, such as parks improvement, charity events and awareness-raising of the importance of good eating.

Saturday 28th of June started very early with the activities carried out by guests and sponsors.  Paddle surf came first with Jeri Grant of Paddle Vallarta, who gave lessons of this novel sport.  “Serendipity” show of Act II Entertainment , directed by Danny Minini and Karla Barragán allowed all the families to appreciate a sample of the musical talent in Puerto Vallarta.  The photo booth set up by Aime Jewel and Ulises L. Guerrero Fotografía to take pictures in customs was a total hit, as were the workshops by Koala Kids Care, who made the youngsters and their pops built sand castles with plaster and their magical special materials!

Kindergym by Gymboree came from Nuevo Vallarta and amused everyone with a circle of songs in English, while Bonita Make Up y Salón gave all the girls a manicure.  The closing of activities was the great pageant "Banderas Bay Bathing Beauty" sponsored by Havaianas and Myskova Boutique.  Moms received presents from Organic Select and Dr. Adriana de Applaude brought bubbles for all the kids.

Sí Señor Restaurant gave everyone such a good attention that Mamas in PV decided to name it “The Best Family Restaurant on the Beach”

If you want to hear from the next events by Mamas in PV, stay tuned with the updates and promotions in Facebook and in

Mamas in PV Mamas in PV Mamas in Pv

Brazil 2014, halfway through

Soccer world cup Brazil 2014 has ended its first stage, which means half the teams which arrived on June 12 are back home or on their way.  There have been the usual casualties, with teams as Australia, Honduras or Korea, which have never been very competitive internationally, out of the tourney.  There have been also god and bad surprises.  Powerhouses as Italy, England, Portugal and Spain have also had to pack back to Europe while Greece, Algeria and Switzerland, from whom only their fans expected much, are still fighting to go deeper in the tourney.

Mexico is still alive thanks to the good team performance it has had so far, but it will face The Netherlands, a powerful team considered one of the current favorites along with Germany and Brazil. The United States team, on its side, has also survived this initial phase with a more than decent performance and will face Belgium in the following round.

From June 28 on every match is win or die.  Winner goes on and loser goes back sad but with the satisfaction of being among the top sixteen in the world.  This figure will get smaller as days go by and the tournament becomes more difficult every time and victories harder to get.  Let’s hope our area teams advance as far as possible… maybe to the finals?

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Fish at your favorite style, “a tu gusto”

Historically human groups have created their diets based on the elements more readily available in their habitat.  So, inhabitants of forest have had the meat of animals as their main ingredient, while fish has been the choice of those dwelling the coasts or the riverbanks.  In Puerto Vallarta we are lucky enough to live surrounded by a diversity of ecosystems which have allowed the local diet to be comprised of ingredients with several origins, especially of those coming from water.

If we add this to the gastronomic culture developed in the city during the last three decades, the outcome is a great culinary richness available for all tastes and possibilities, of course with fish as a central ingredient in the kitchens of restoration establishments.  Amid the most popular species we can find the red snapper, mahi mahi, rooster fish, bull fish, marlin, sword fish, bass, tuna and even the brought-from-afar salmon.  With minor variations by the personal style of every cook, these are some of the most popular styles to prepare fish we can find in pour city:

  • - Zarandeado – the most local of the récipes, it is prepared brushing the fish with a sauce based on chilies and spices of the area and cooking it in a zaranda, a kind of light grilling press which holds it while allowing it to be cooked on both sides.
  • - A la plancha – on the grill, maybe the simplest preparation on a griddle, pan or wok with each one’s favorite side dish.
  • - A la mantequilla – with butter, cooked with a thin flour layer and bathed with a sauce of butter, cilantro, lime and garlic.
  • - A la diabla – the name deviled  comes from the hotness of its sauce, which can be prepared with chipotle or any other red chili.
  • - Al ajillo – with garlic and guajillo chili, usually on a mild tomato sauce.
  • - Al ajo – with garlis, rubbed with a paste of garlic, lime, salt and pepper and cooked on the griddle.
  • - Empapelado – papered, cooked wrapped in aluminum foil with tomato, onion, chili and other spices.
  • - A la veracruzana – Veracruz style from Mediterranean heritage, it is prepared with olives, capers and Mexican spices.

So when you see the legend: “Pescado a tu gusto” you will know you can pick your favorite of these styles and you will be sure it will come to your table delicious and well prepared.

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