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5 Ways to achieve restaurant success

Éxito de tu restaurante

With over 700 restaurant in the Bay of Banderas, it is no secret that the food industry is a very competitive business. So what is the key for FOODIE success? That is a million dollar question we are going to try to answer.

5 Tips para el éxito de tu restaurante

1. How to get them to the door? First rule: Passersby do not enjoy being shouted at by a stranger offering a courtesy drink or shoving a menu in ones face. Having a loud host at your door makes business owners appear too needy and desperate for business. People like to choose their restaurant at leisure because they might be attracted to your ambiance and the non-threatening approach can be a great welcome.

2. When you have your captive client in the comforts of your establishment, make sure your staff is fully trained to treat that in house client like royalty. Happy clients talk and word of mouth can be your best source of potential clients flow. Make sure your staff asks the clients to comment on Trip advisor and share the pictures of your gorgeous dishes on their social networks.

3. The importance of Social Networks. This sounds obvious but nevertheless crucial for any restaurant to flourish especially in tourist areas like Puerto Vallarta that experience high and low seasons. Most visitors plan their restaurants months ahead. If you have good content on your social media networks, you will beat your competition. Not all restaurants must invest in a high tech web site that might cost a king’s ransom, but restauranteurs should definitely have their Facebook, Instagram and Google + page set up. There is no cost and allows clients to locate you, share their experience, photograph your food and give your restaurant the best publicity FREE it could possibly get!

4. Train your employees. Your restaurant maybe have the most fabulous food on the planet, but if you have one sour employee this could destroy all your hard work. Ask your clients how their server was and holding daily meetings to motivate staff is ESSENTIAL. Smile, Smile, Smile and remember…….the client is always right. An unpleasant experience tended to with grace can convert a bad situation into a client for life.

5. Love what you do! As the Beatlles used to say “All you need is love”,this also applies to what comes out of your kitchen. Cook with love, treat your employees with love and make sure your food is served with love. Love can be transmitted via food and customers detect negative energy. Be innovative, inspire yourself and your staff daily and be the best you can! Your clients will know when you’re trying to improve everyday their experience and they will give back to you.


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