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CupoClassifieds…..Just what Vallarta was waiting for!

Why are classifieds awesome?

La Gazette was born in Paris in 1631. The first French newspaper was founded by Théophraste Renaudot, who a year earlier had opened the bureau d'adresse et de rencontre, an office where prospective employers and employees could find each other.  This combination of enterprises gave birth to the first printed classified ads in history, although hanging public announcements was used since Roman times and handwritten ads had appeared more recently in public places in England.

So many changes in the past 400 years.  Today classified ads have stopped being the domain of printed media to become one of the most visited categories on internet.  What started as a way to find a job and buy and sell items for those who had what other people needed has turned into a window to make commercial and personal transactions of all kinds, from the ever-popular mentioned above to finding a roommate, dating services and house or vacation exchange.

CupoCity recently launched CupoClassifieds of the already famous deal site Users can buy, sell, trade, give away free, inform about cultural events, promote pet adoptions, find a friend, and loads of other fun things to explore for everyone.

To learn how you can post an ad on CupoClassifieds visit and see all the FREE sections featured! ENJOY!


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