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Fines Herbs is a concept of French cuisine referring to a mixture of aromatic herbs used to flavor and season a dish. The traditional recipe calls for four ingredients: chervil, chives, tarragon and parsley.

The use of fines herbs as a seasoning offers a wide range of possibilities. They can be used in soups or broths with the recommendation of adding them at the end of cooking, as for their softness they can lose flavor if left in the heat too long. A very popular use is as a flavoring agent for omelets and poached eggs. They make a delicate sauce if mixed with butter and smeared on a beef or fish filet when it is almost ready to serve.  Or they can be prepared with vinegar and olive oil to create a delicious vinaigrette to dress salads or meats.

Experts claim the secret of well-prepared fine herbs is in the chopping, which must be very fine to get the flavor of each herb evenly distributed and none over-tastes the others.  And every cook can add elements for his taste, such as basil, dill, celery or bay leaf

 The meat can be combined with a little butter to make a delicate sauce smeared the fillet steak or fish when you're almost ready to serve . Or be prepared with vinegar and olive oil to create a delicious vinaigrette for dressing salads or meats.

To enjoy the flavor of fines herbs in all its splendor, visit to find offers with dishes prepared with this treat!






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