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Ready to Retire

Retiring in Puerto Vallarta is becoming more and more attractive to US and Canadian Citizens.  Whatever age you choose to retire, Vallarta is the perfect place to grow old gracefully. There are so many reasons why Vallarta is so tempting. Here are just a few.


Retirees want a life under the sun after years of endless work, right?  You want to avoid the hassles of living in the cold winter and want to enjoy the beauty of the sunshine.  Puerto Vallarta has 365 days of Sunshine, Even during the rainy season (June thru October) the sun makes a daily appearance. Sun offers vitamin D needed and boost of serotonin which lifts the spirits.

Affordable Medical Care

Considering your health care is a must when retiring in Vallarta.  Private Medical Care is available in Mexico and provides wide coverage and great benefits.  Some Hospitals accept US and Canadian policies. Be sure to do your homework before you make the move.  You will also find that live in staff and caregivers are much more affordable and the Mexican people are very well known for their caring ways..

More for your Money

A good lifestyle in Mexico is affordable.  The cost of living renting and the price of real estate are not that high in comparison to back home.  You don’t have to slash a huge chunk of your pension and savings just to live a life of luxury and contentment when you choose Mexico for your retirement.  For a retiree, purchasing real estate in Mexico means saving a lot while reaching a higher standard in quality of life.  When retiring in Mexico, you can buy a posh house as your second home and get to keep your house back home. The luxuries and amenities to enjoy like swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and maid services are within budget as prime properties can be accessed and are justifiably priced.

Live it up

Most retirees feel more at home in Mexico than in the US or Canada because of the soul and hospitality of the Mexican culture and its individuals who so welcome outsiders.  The warmth of Mexicans is famous and setting up home in the friendliest cities like Puerto Vallarta will offer you the opportunity to experience that glow firsthand.  Retirement is the season of life when you ought to experience your fantasies and attempt those things you have for a long while been itching to do yet had completely no time because of too much work to attend to.  Mexico’s laid back demeanour and energetic society is the perfect place for those looking to relax and who wants to have the best out of life.


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