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What is gingivitis? – Ask Dr. Dora Muñoz

QUESTION: Dr. Muñoz, my gums have been bleeding lately when I brush my teeth. Why is this happening?
               David Hernández, Puerto Vallarta. –

Dear David,

Gums bleed when they are swollen. This condition is known as gingivitis, a kind of periodontal disease in which inflammation and infection are present, causing destruction of teeth’s supporting tissue.  This may include gums, periodontal ligaments and dental alveoli.

Gingivitis is produced in the long run by the effects of the plaque deposits on teeth. Plaque is brought about by poor dental hygiene. With time in becomes tartar and provokes inflammation, hypersensitivity and gum bleeding.

The recommended treatment is a dental test and prophylaxis (cleaning).

Gingivitis can also be produced by hormone changes, non-controlled diabetes or misaligned teeth.  Its presence can produce loss of healthy tooth pieces, loss of bone tissue and halitosis (bad breath).

Dr. Dora Muñoz (Dentist)


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