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Why Kayak?

Looking for a great, fun activity? Here is one that is great for family, friends, the young and the old.

The Inuits were the first ones to build kayaks which actually means "hunter's boat." The kayak is perfect for fishing and hunting, due to its sleek build and it is easy to sneak up on prey.   The Europeans started using kayaks around the 1800’s for similar uses and for sport. 

Kayaks have come a long way from the original wood or whale bone frames with seal or other animal skin covers. They are now light weight fiber glass or plastic, made easy for transport. Not only do they look better but some even have compartments for safekeeping of objects or possessions while you travel.

If none of the above intrigues you to try out a kayak then maybe the list below might!

1.       Nature Nut: There is nowhere better to get in tune with natures balance than on the water! You and see and hear nature at its best.

2.       Build a bond: What better way to build a family or friendship bond than kayaking on the water. Whether competitive or just for fun, this is the way to link together.

3.       Exercise: Aerobics, cardio, plus upper body workout. Can you say Fun!

4.       Relaxation: sounds of water, cool breeze, maybe a sunset. Sit and relax in a surreal tranquil environment.

5.       Romance: two people on the water, alone!  Does that not spell out romantic?

6.       For all ages: From little kids to old age, cross the generation gap and connect through this great activity!

7.       Adrenalin rush: It’s just you a kayak and the open water. Can anyone say THRILL !

8.       It’s fun!

Whatever the reason you choose to Kayak, remember to have fun, be safe, and always inform someone you are going out on the open water!




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