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Why try pescado sarandeado?

Pescado Sarandeado! This dish is ever so popular on the coast of Mexico but not so many step out of the ordinary shrimp cocktails to try this delight.

It is a dish that is found mostly on the coast yet you might find it in seafood restaurants in the big cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Mahi Mahi is mostly used but you might find fish on the grill. A white meat fish works best as it soaks up the sauce and the white meat with the red contrast of the sauce is a delicious sight.

Each state has a different edge to their sarandeado recipe but basically it consists of a sauce made up of various types of chiles including Guajillo and Cola de Rata. The chiles are ground and mixed with an abundance of garlic onions and a bit of soya sauce, worcheshire, mayonnaise, mustard and the cherry on top……Achiote paste is used which is sold in most stores and is a blend of many chiles coming from  Aztecan traditions.

The whole open fish is then smothered in this sauce and laid on an open fire to slow cook getting the most wonderful woody flavour.

You can put the fish in the middle of the table to serve a large group and pick off the tender meat or use fresh tortillas and make a taco topping it off with a fresh salsa Mexicana.

A new restaurant just opened at the north end of Puerto Vallarta´s bustling board walk. Mama Sirena Oyster Bar which has a unique open barbeque surrounded by mounds of wood keeping flames going to smoke the fish to perfection.

Mama Sirena has a lovely kid´s area and offers two hours free parking to its clients. Their menu is ample but the pescado sarandeado is one of the best in the Bay of Banderas and must be sampled! Don´t ask them for their recipe because it is a secret J  This restaurant is open air and has great views to the malecon and ocean. People watching is at its best. Enjoy!

Located on Paseo Diaz Ordaz Street above Starbucks.

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